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Wizards and Warlords Club Listing

Wargames Clubs in Cornwall and Devon

Can't get enough gaming? Why not visit one of the many other wargames, role-playing, board game and card game clubs in Cornwall and Devon.

Cornwall Miniature Wargames Association

C.M.W.A. play all kinds of historical, fantasy or sci-fi games including Warhammer Historical, Rules of Engagement, Spearhead, NUTS, Blitzkrieg Commander, Lord of the Rings, Legends of the Old West and Rapid Fire.

Meets: Every other Sunday at Quintrell Downs Village Hall, near Newquay.

Plymouth Association of Wargamers

Plymouth Association of Wargamers, meets every Sunday at Blindman's Wood Scout HQ, Plymouth, and puts on the excellent annual PAW show.

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How to Find Us

We meet every Friday evening from 6pm till 10pm at:

Conservative Club
80 Lemon Street

First meeting is free of charge.
Club nights £3.00 per week.